Tomorrow is the first day of our nearly two week family vacation. As you can imagine we are sitting peacefully at home having already packed our belongings... ha right. Actually I'd say so far things are going quite well. I worked on making a detailed list of where we are going, what we are doing, what we are eating, and Kristi took care of the rest. I'm quite thankful I didn't have to pack for the kids and I'll be they'll be thankful too when they have clothing that coordinates. 

I hope to share posts and reflections along the way, but for tonight I feel the need to say thanks. It turns out preparing and planning for a family vacation is probably as hard as going on the vacation. At least so far it seems that way. We couldn't be as ready as we are with out the generosity of both sides of the family letting us borrow vehicles, campers, equipment, and for taking the kids for a few days so we could have a nice anniversary dinner and then pack up without our little ones running around. Without getting too mushy, or accused of brown nosing, it is nice to have gainful employment which will help pay for the gas and campsites, as well as the time off from our jobs (Right everyone??) to enjoy time away with the family. Truth be told I think are both a little anxious to walk away from work for two weeks. Any takers on who caves to the pressures of "checking-in" first? I'd also like to thank my Grandparents for throwing their kids in the back of their station wagon and taking them on camping trips across the United States. As I was bragging about how well I planned, my dad shared a story of my Grandpa stopping for ice cream with the family because according to his camping plans they hadn't spent the days allocation of money and thus they needed ice cream. I haven't planned that well. 

So in short thanks to all those who have helped make this trip a reality. We're off to bed and then St. Louis.