I bought new tires for the old Accord this past summer. It is my understanding that doing so makes my car invincible against snowy conditions. This morning as I was shoveling the driveway my neighbor left our snowy subdivision in a Toyota Prius... that pretty much killed any thought of skipping work due to road conditions. The irony here is that halfway to work I received a call saying I could decide to stay home because of snowy subdivisions. Rats.

Today I am excited about what Wednesday holds, and that is I get to be a room dad with my daughter in her Mandarin classes. I don't even speak enough Chinese to order dinner but I get to spend time with her and that is something that she has desperately been asking for. We've been so busy as a family that daddy daughter time is few and far between - or we do so many fun things with the entire family that singling out even one kid to do something with would seem like too much fun. 

Tonight I read some more from The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly. It is a good book and asks the simple question of people "What are your dreams?" It seems like a simple question but I wouldn't know how to answer it right now with sincere opinions. I guess I have something to think about. I do know that I want to be financially worry free. I'm not exactly sure what that means, I just don't want to have to think about money on a daily basis. That is all.