Today we got some snow. Lots of snow. I used my snow blower twice today and that was fun... I'd say there is a wall of about a foot or more down the driveway. We almost got stuck out in front of our house on the way to church (as I type this Kristi and I are discussing how slow my 3yo son's iPhone 4S is.) anyway we were some of the few and proud that made it to church today. On the way home we stopped at Panera and I noticed that there were quite a few elderly folk who had braved the weather and they were all wearing their Sunday best. Young folk such as myself were few and far between. At work the other day I heard people joking that when the weather gets nasty the young people skip church and the older people who shouldn't be driving in the first place still manage to make it.

Well at any rate today was a decent day and I even managed a late night trip to Meijer in the snow just to say I did it. I almost got stuck in front of the house. Again. I have no picture today, just random thoughts. Good night.