1. Why do you think God kept it a mystery for so long that all people could be a part of His family? Was he building His base before sending the church into the world? Could He have been presenting it as something "Special" for a select group of people? Does love really win? I'm struggling with this question...
  2. Verse 10 states that angels learn about the many parts of God's wisdom by observing the Church! Does this change how you think or feel about the Church? I feel bad for the angels? I'm curious what the church is teaching them now? I think it also brings a higher meaning and responsibility to being a family within the larger church. The church needs to focus on maintaining the relationship and not the stuff. 
  3. What does our faith in Jesus provide for us according to verse 11? Do you feel the same as these words in verse 11? if not, does that mean there's something weak or wrong with your faith? I believe the intent of the question is to show that through him and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence. While I believe that to be true, it is also a bit intimidating. I'd say less weak and more wrong with my faith in that as I take a moment for retrospect I wonder if I should be there at all. It begs the question what have I done to deserve this? To earn this?