1. Write down each of the following things:  

  • What did Paul do? (v. 14) Knelt before the Father
  • What does God the Father do? (v. 16)  Prayed for strength through his spirit. 
  • What does Jesus do? (v. 17) Dwell in our hearts
  • What could the Ephesians (and us) do? (v. 17b-19) We can have power together as a family in Christ Jesus knowing the fullness of God.  

2. God will receive glory in the Church and Christ Jesus forever. How is He receiving glory in your life right now? (This isn't just some question to make you feel guilty, although it might be convicting. But try to really think about how God receives glory.)  I'm convicted... I think God does enjoy it when we use our gifts to honor him. For me I think that means taking care of me is a way to honor Him. Bike rides or runs in his creation are a good way to free he mind and connect with Him. Overall I think I do a good job of being a "good" person that models a "good" life. I do not think, however, that "good" is enough. I need to start being better and sharing gifts in ways that will affect others.