Make a list of 25 ways I could take responsibility (without authority) if I cared more about changing things than credit, authority, or blame: 

  1. Start a book club
  2. Join the local chamber
  3. Present at a local conference
  4. Speak more politely to customers. Take an interest in their professional goals
  5. Set personalized professional goals and have coworkers encourage/keep me accountable
  6. Create an “elevator” pitch to be used in public
  7. Start a snap chat account
  8. Volunteer
  9. Follow up with clients after work is done
  10. Put in extra time to make sure projects are fully complete and technicians have the proper tools needed to finish
  11. Document tasks that need to be documented. 
  12. Encourage coworkers
  13. Begin building better culture
  14. Plan offsite after hours social gatherings
  15. Start a newsletter
  16. Start a blog documenting what I learn each week
  17. Learn about client’s business hurdles and become familiar with their industries
  18. Say thank you to every delivery person or customer who enters our building
  19. Search for potential new employees while interacting with others
  20. Write a potential business plan for the office and present it to the boss
  21. Take a class or online course to further my personal learning
  22. Find an industry best practice that isn’t being followed and start meeting it
  23. Take out the trash or clean the dishwasher or sink
  24. Bring in asnack
  25. Provide better coffee
  26. Show appreciation of “extra” work with small token or gift
  27. Be the first to answer the phone every time
  28. Answer the phone after 1 1/2 rings every time
  29. Show early
  30. Fill up the company car and take it through the car wash