Confession: It is Saturday the 6th and I’m sitting on my couch watching basketball… as I mentioned earlier it was difficult to do all the activities, get the kids in bed, go through pictures, and then write something. So this is my best attempt to recap what happened on Wednesday.

Wednesday the plan was to go visit Garden of the Gods and then visit Pike’s Peak. This was our solution to something “easy” after our near disaster experience on the Catamount Trail. As luck would have it Pike’s Peak was still closed so we decided not to do that, and instead just visit the Garden and see what else there was to see. It was a good call as the kids (and perhaps us) were more apt to sit on our backsides than to move. I can’t say that much happened that is worth sharing, but the kids did enjoy climbing a bit.

We were also sure to hit the big spots like the Siamese twins with a unique view of Pike’s Peak, and Balance Point where we got a few more photos, and Madeleine demonstrated a cartwheel. Only to have Joshua try to keep up.

Later in the day we returned to our house, and then went to Manitou Springs to do some souvenir shopping. On our return drive Joshua pointed out the window and made it clear he wanted his picture with the blue horse… since we had nothing better to do I obliged. He wanted an old school buggy pic once we got there as well.

So with nothing else to share here are a few more photos of the day.