Yesterday (the 30th) welcomed us with a nice blanket of snow across what was an otherwise dry land. I was not privy to it myself, but rumor has it one of the kids was heard saying “I’m so done with snow”. She has point, but as I hear is often the case, the snow melted by mid-day and we were able to knock out a hike before the day was done. Based on his contemplative look, Josh had a pretty big day. Actually there might even be enough material to write about the chaos that must be going on inside his head with the loss of routine and living in a. new place… but that isn’t coming from me :). OH, I should also tell you there is a picture coming up that might be disturbing to those who aren’t comfortable with blood and injury.

Our day ended on a high note at Fargo’s Pizza in Colorado Springs. Fargo’s is a Victorian Style restaruant serving Pizza, Pasta, Salad, and Sandwiches. Pro Tip: The little styrofoam bowl is for dessert, not salad dressing. The real reason we went there was to follow the advice of Ron Burgandy… “When in Rome”. We met up with Mark and Amy Weeber whose wedding was probably the seed that started this trip. It was nice to see them and catch up on life, fun things we’ve done, and generally just seeing a familiar face in a new place. I forgot about his diligence, but Mark ALWAYS gets a picture when hanging out with friends like this so here you are:

As you can see the day ended well, but it didn’t start so swell. As we figure out the new routine of being a family in a new place, we found ourselves in different place within the house. Everyone had their own little thing to do except for Maddie who found herself roving about, making surprises for mom and dad, and generally just being content to take care of her self. She noticed a piecer of dry skin on her finger tip and decided the appropriate thing to do was take the kitchen scissors and use them to cut off the little pin-tip sized piece of skin. She quietly walked to the kitchen, reached up to grab the scissors from the knife block which is likely even with her eyeballs. As she reached up to pull the scissors out the whole block came down and smashed with a thud onto the ground and her right big toe. Needless to say there was blood, screaming, tears, super intense parents, and the deployment of skittles with claims they had medicinal value. Madeleine is doing ‘ok’ now, but the jury is still out on whether or not we hit the Urgent Care office this morning. Here are a couple of pictures to share… enjoy :)

After the toe incident Ben and I ran for running club, Josh and I ran around the block because he was insistent that he get to run with Dad and Ben, and we found that Pikes Peak was closed at 9,000 feet due to the beautiful blanket of snow received the night before. We had planned on driving up there but instead we changed our plans and went to Tunnel Drive which is a 2-mile out and back trail taking you through three tunnels and then winding you along the Arkansas river into he Royal Gorge. It was a scenic hike for sure, yet some children were more prone to walking along the side of the trail, inches from more injury, than mom or dad would have liked. Nevertheless we made it tot he two mile mark and turned around. After a quick gatorade stop we drove out to Royal Gorge which has a giant bridge across the gorge, along with a gondola, play land, and carousel. Considering the time and cost of these events I made the unpopular choice to turn around and go home after perusing the gift shop. Maybe someday we’ll look back at this and laugh… or it will be the beginning of dumb dad choices that the family reminds me of every trip we take. Like my dad who still owes us mini-golf.

That was the day, toe crushing, out and back, dinner, sleep. I can’t say it was our best day ever, but it was our day and despite their continued up and down outlook on life and hiking, the kids are doing great. Here are some final shots of the day.