I have no resolutions, at least none written down which could be an interesting topic of study. On the one hand it’s proven that many people don’t complete their resolutions (so why bother) and those that do probably wrote them down… so maybe I should too. Either way one thing I want to get better at is writing more frequently.

The problem with writing frequently seems to be time. Or at least that is the easy answer. If you think deeper I think the real issue is the thought that not every post is going to be a diamond glittering in the sun, no, most will probably be like left over in the fridge right on the brink of growing fuzz. Do you risk it? Or do you throw it out? For 2019 I hope to risk it more. With my writing, not my food. I’m too picky about food.

So don't let perfect get in the way of good enough, and don't let the fear of being good enough stop you from doing something.