If you've been waiting for a brilliant update on the blog... you'll be disappointed. I just think this might be better suited to save here than on the Facebooks. Photo credit to my mom for not only using landscape mode, but also for getting all four kids doing the same thing at the same time. 

Things that I did today, mostly because adoption. 

  • Woke up at 7:03 wondering if today is the day the kids learn to sleep in. They didn't. 
  • Wrestled a half naked child who didn't want to put on clean pants. 
  • Shouted "NO" repeatedly like it would make a difference. 
  • Made frequent visits to the bathroom to avoid hearing "I have to go potty" somewhere in the back 40, far from civilization, and not willing to risk that it is just a #1.
  • Walked briskly like I was being followed to avoid being seen on the way out of nursery door. 
  • Knowingly let a kid walk down steps in a swimming pool because using words wasn't going to teach a lesson. 
  • Saved a kid from drowning because he didn't know his limits going down the steps in a pool. 
  • Rode a pink scooter. No, there are not any pictures. 
  • Stopped at an otherwise avoidable gas station to buy a Cherry Coke... because I had to stop for someone to use the toilet and it required a key on a stick. 
  • Carried a child wearing nothing but a t-shirt (as pants) out of a church because said child had that large of an "issue" prior to making it to the commode. 
  • Speaking of commode... I really just wanted to write this post so I could say that Central Wesleyan Church has incredible plumbing. In an attempt to clean some super hero briefs, the toilet sucked them down the pipe never to be seen again. Subsequent flushes assured me that no flooding will (immediately) result of my loose grip. Thankfully the pants I rinsed did not follow along. 
  • Gave three kids a total of four baths because I couldn't tell the difference between a milk spill... and not a milk spill. 
  • Was reminded that for all the stress, bathroom adventures, and unknowns that are face each day that little boy sure is a handsome fella' and I'm glad he's ours.