Greetings from the Garden in Guangzhou. Remember that song "one of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong"? Yep that's us in this hotel. I'm sure Kristi or I will share more as the week goes on, but for now you just get pictures and snarky comments. What can I say? I'm tired and hopped up on generic brand Benadryl (Thanks Walmart).

Today was Yang Jin Hua's first flight and he pretty much nailed it. He was in awe of the free food and beverage service, and to show is appreciation Kristi and I each got to take him to the lavatory where we flew like good passengers and didn't light up our smokes. Smoking seems very popular in the country so we'd just be doing our best to fit in. 

Random thought: I'm a white guy living in Zeeland where I fit in quite nicely. On a few occasions I've been out solo in a city filled with Chinese. Outside of our hotel I'm not sure I saw a single white male (or for that matter a white male who also happened to be single. #englishishard). So here are a few pics to recap:  

Double fisting breakfast. In the orphanage, or even foster homes you never know when or how much the next meal will be. For now this behavior is most definitely a good thing. 

Captain Studious. 

There has to be a Seinfeld joke here somewhere. "No Fun For You" is the way too obvious choice. It's a park for goodness sake!

Assuming this is a spiral staircase there are 68 steps. If this is not a picture of a tall tower like staircase well then I'll fix it in post. 

We went to a restaurant that was supposed to have pictures for the foreign language impaired. I guess the logo counts as a picture... but it was the only one. 

Victory = eating dumplings, rice, noodles. I had a little bit of all of the above. 

He's one cool dude, being all casual at luggage pickup. 

Boy has his priorities straight. Naps ARE still important. 

McDonald's Fries for the win...

Followed by free ice cream for the double whammy. 

Followed by free ice cream for the double whammy. 

And that, my friends, is all I have for tonight. Tomorrow (Your Friday night) is medial checkup at 10:30 so instead of hitting the St. Patrick's day party why don't you stay home, raise a pint of Guinness (yuck) and pray for a safe examination. 


***Afterword - My wife just chastised me for calling this "Not a good post" she could care less about the quality but I suppose what she means is akin to a Doctor clicking his tongue in a tsk tsk fashion while you are on the exam table wearing nothing but a hospital gown and the smile the good Lord gave you. I can assure you the "Not Good" relates to only my writing and the other content in this post.