Hey everyone, my head is full of stuff that I need to put somewhere so I figured this is as good a place as any. I recently heard on a podcast that in Europe, Facebook has killed the birthday calendar tradition. According to a former MTV veejay who shall remain nameless for now, (this is how I sucker you in to admitting you listen to the same bologna I do) said that in the past people would have a calendar with a pencil tied to it in the WC. When people stopped for their "bio-break" they would write their name in the birthday calendar and that is how you knew who your real friends were... they were the ones comfortable enough to spend the time it took in the powder room to put in their birth date. Kind of like the guest logs I remember from visiting Calvin... 

Other things I think:

1. I was using beta software on my Mac and wouldn't you know it, I had to erase it and start over. With more beta software. The good news is that between iCloud, a backup drive, and Crashplan from Code42 I can pretty much hit the erase all button and not worry about losing pictures of me making stupid faces. The AppStore restores my purchases and away I go. The Kool-Aid is flowing well tonight. 

2. I'm as guilty of this as the next person, but I'd encourage you to check yourself. Our country was founded on the idea that we are all innocent until proven guilty. I'd like to think the law has done an ok job of determining "levels" of wrong doing, although as I write that I remember the solemn faced patrol officer affixed to gas station pumps stating that if I drive away without paying my $40 (ok $55) to Speedway I'll lose my license. I can throw back one of everything at the bar, pay a bigger fine and keep my license, but if I don't pay for gas I'm riding the silver line... Anyway back to my point, if I have one. 

The Internet and all manner of devices attached to it has made communication and news gathering nearly instant. It also makes it easy to jump to conclusions based on biases that may or may not exist in reporting. Today I read that an NBA owner is selling because he wrote a nasty e-mail a few years ago, I disagree with how he conveyed his point, but we all make mistakes. I can't help but think selling now was the easy way out and prevented him from being dragged over the coals, only to be forced to sell in the future. Then throw in the whole Ray Rice thing. Ugh this one is tough. What he did was wrong there is no question to that. What I question is the "system" that puts a person through the processes we've established for punishing people and agree or disagree, a sentence was given. That is supposed to be the end right? Well no. New evidence showing the actual event was released today and now he's banned from the NFL He was wrong. He was disciplined. He is now being re-disciplined in the court of public perception forcing a new reality because we all get to be perverts and watch the heinous crime. I'm quickly growing leery of the instant news, instant judgment, and youtube justice the nation seems to be slipping in to. To those doing wrong, please stop. To those casting judgment... let's check ourselves and not be hasty to throw the first stone.

</soapbox> That's HTML humor.

3. My wife just shared a voicemail from a college student. If you are reading this college student, you are awesome, appreciated, and loved. Thank you.

4. Never underestimate the power of the command line.

5. Mr. Cathy passed today at the age of 93. He founded Chik-Fil-A and perfected the Chicken Sandwich. The next time you look to take a shortcut to make a quick buck look this guy up. Chik-Fil-A is selling $5 Billion a year and they do it in 6 days because on the 7th day they rest.

6. Two of my three kids are in school now. The third one would be in school but she's not potty trained. Call me delusional but my two year old would probably excel in three school if she only knew how to use the toilet. She's nothing like me. Those three schoolers do circles around me even at my advanced age. 

7. Speaking of age, if you've read this far I apologize. You've lost ten minutes of your life you will never get back. Go to Kiva and donate right now to make yourself feel better :). 

8. I think that is all I think for now. I have to clean myself off after mowing the lawn and spend time with my wonderful lady friend (that's my wife).