As some of you may know I turned 34 a few days ago which is why I'm writing about my "man crush" on a Thursday instead of the traditional Monday when all the cool kids are dropping their #mcm recommendations on Facebook. Or at least that is what I think happens, like I said I'm 34 which is "old" for the hip kids online. 

Actually I just used that title because I wanted to grab your attention, and I didn't care to come up with anything else. I will admit though that I have a weakness for Seth Godin. Not in a creepy way, but in such a way that if he says something I typically try to do it. Often times it means my money going to his bank account. (To his credit he supports Acumen and does many other generous things too). Most recently he wrote a book called "What To Do When It's Your Turn [and it's always your turn]" Before you read any farther you should probably buy a copy, or three. I bought three and he delivered five (see he's a nice guy). Alright now that you have your order placed here are some things that got me while reading it tonight. 

Page 72
This or This: 

  • Avoid certainty OR Seek certainty whenever possible. Mostly by relying on others. 
  • Pick yourself OR Wait to be picked. 
  • Postpone gratification OR Eat now and diet later. It feels good and you are entitled. 
  • Seek Joy OR (I don't see an OR here but the alternative seems bleak)
  • Embrace generosity OR Focus on the stuff YOU have to do. 
  • Dance with fear OR Avoid fear... and dancing. 
  • Be paranoid about mediocrity OR settle for good enough
  • See the world as it is OR (again not sure but I'm thinking let others interpret for you)
  • Be the boss of you OR Wait for the "man" 

For whatever reason the juxtaposition of these statements stuck with me. On the right side of OR is where I find myself most often. On the left side is where I'd espouse I want to be, but rarely do I make the effort to get there. Generosity is one that is really eating at me right now because I've been the recipient of some tremendous generosity and don't seem to be able to repay it. So go ahead and ponder what those mean for you... for me the only thing standing in the way of me choosing me or me dancing with fear (other than being Dutch), is the man in the mirror. (+1 if you started singing to this) As I look at my place in life things are good and mostly safe. Yet I'm restless about the "safety" and am looking for a little danger... as long as I don't have to try, leave my comfort zone, or put on big boy pants. 

Page 82

"We've commercialized all the things that used to be passions. You're supposed to get paid to be a sculptor or a golfer, a writer or an impresario, the creator of projects. 

And if we're getting paid for these intellectual pursuits, then we're taught we ought to treat them the way workers in the industrialized world have been trained to treat their jobs -- with disdain, with an awareness that we ought to do less for more. What a shame, what a foolish way to dishonor our humanity. 

Instead, just for a moment, imagine what would happen if we decided to and create and connect merely because we love it. It turns out that acting as if we love it creates the environment where that might actually happen" 

I believe that there is a difference between the hobbyist turned hardened employee and the hobbyist who joyfully and creatively sells their work online for the cost of materials and a small profit. Actually this page hit me because I (think I) love my work. There are many things I'd do for free (Don't tell my boss) because they are the things I do at home for fun, they are my hobbies. I'd have to agree that when work becomes something we do vs. something we love, we rob ourselves and our employers from something great. I'm challenging you (and me) to spend a little more time trying to honor our humanity with our gifts and hobbies instead of figuring out how to make a quick buck. 

Having said that there is now no way I can try to monetize this site though Google ads is there...

That's it. I'd like to talk about page #129 because that is a good one too, but my wife is home and I should give her some attention.