Tonight was an anti-climactic send-off for my sister Sarah who is returning to Amsterdam tomorrow night. With modern technology and big old jet airliners (you're singing aren't you) it seems like we see her quite often still. Maybe even more often than when she lived in the states full time. It has been good to have her home. She likes the kids and probaly spoils them more than she should, but I suppose that is what an Aunt is for. Her parting gifts to us today were some tupperware (my request actually and she gave up what had been in her kitchen in GR) as well as some gift assistance to send our little angel to three afternoons of Spanish Immersion at ZCS. 

I find it a little humbling to be receiving any gifts of significance from my little sister. Especially since I used to pin her to the ground and smack her shoulder to toughen her up. I suppose she should thank me for that because now she gets to play the "heavy" at work now and again. Althogh I'm not sure she really likes that portion of the job.  

It is good to be blessed with good family. See you in a few weeks little sis.