Imitation is Suicide. Insist on yourself; never imitate. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Write down in which areas of your life you have to overcome these suicidal tendencies of imitation, and how you can transform them into a newborn you – one that doesn’t hide its uniqueness, but thrives on it. There is a “divine idea which each of us represents” – which is yours?

(Author: Fabian Kruse)

I think that through most of high school and parts of college I was me. Sure I still paid some attention to social norms, but if I wanted to wear a cape and mask while playing my trumpet I did it. I also wasn't afraid to speak up, share my opinion, challenge others and in general just be whoever I was. Then something happened... I'm not sure if it was trying ot earn the respect of classmates, or keep a job, or get a job, but I tempered who I was and became what I thought other people wanted. I kept quiet, worked as hard as I could and earned some respect from others, but something interesting happened. I became forgettable.

In my life I think the divine idea is fun. I hate sitting and doing nothing - oh I have no problem watching a movie or reading a book but to sit because that is what I am supposed to do, or because social graces dictate that I sit around and listent to idel banter drives me crazy. So I need to do two things. First, I need to speak more and care less about what other people think or say. That doesn't mean I should be less empathetic or polite, just that if I have an idea I'm going to speak it even if it is wild. Secondly, I'm going to sit less and do more, even if it means learning to read while the wife is watching TV.

I'm done being forgettable, time to have some fun and stir the waters a bit.